Our top 10 benefits to Supply Consolidation; Safe, Simple + Smarter

When it comes to critical infrastructure and construction projects in the mining and energy industry, supply consolidation is all about streamlining traditional pain points.

At SFI Australia we understand the unique nature of major projects and work with our partners to remove complexity, making your life simpler.

By working smarter and striving for Zero Downtime there are many benefits to supply consolidation.

  1. Reduce Purchasing Costs
    As a full turnkey logistics and supply consolidation partner with over 40 years experience, SFI have built a network of relationships direct with our manufacturers to reduce purchasing costs. By reducing the number of suppliers while maintaining access to quality specialised tools and equipment, costs are reduced. Efficiencies are also found by dealing with a single point of contact, building trust.

  2. Reduced Logistics Costs
    Smart and strategic thinking reduces logistics costs. With 7 key locations across Australia, SFI can acquire, store and deliver stock quickly and efficiently. Often with core stock on-hand ready to distribute to site or already onsite.

  3. Fast Turnaround
    Using our industry-leading Monitor Logistics Management System, SFI proactively monitor key Industrial Supplies and PPE ensuring new stock arrives before it is depleted. This innovative system tracks and manages General Tools and Equipment, Specialised Tools and Plant Rental ensuring commercial compliance while protecting your people and your clients.

  4. Ensure A Safe Working Environment
    SFI manages equipment utilisation, industrial supplies and PPE, maintenance, location and status of equipment such as test and tag compliance, calibration and servicing history. By understanding your suppliers and with over 40 years’ experience working with specialised tools and equipment, we ensure a safe working environment at each stage of the supply chain.

  5. Improved Supplier Relationships
    We work directly with our suppliers but also understand that we can’t be the specialist in every area. As a result, we employ specialists in their field, for example, breathing apparatus specialists that work onsite supporting key suppliers while ensuring safety and trusted supplier relationships.

  6. Global Reach
    With our global reach you're assured of getting the products you need. With projects actively taking place across PNG and NZ as well as in offshore environments it’s critical to have global reach to support your project.

  7. Trusted Advice – Build A True Partnership
    Many companies say they can do it all. The reality is often far from the truth. Instead, we build a true partnership working with you to further understand pain points. This partnership nurtures efficiencies, responsiveness and performance.

  8. Better Service
    Better service reduces pain points making your life easier. From the Store Manager on the ground through to the Warehouse Supervisor ensuring your items are dispatched efficiently. Better service simply delivers you and your team a better experience in the supply process.

  9. Supply Chain Efficiencies
    By understanding your project we can deliver real-time efficiencies. Are critical items stored securely onsite or are they accessible 20km down the road? This concept can sound unrealistic given the often-remote locations we work but through smart innovation and streamlined processes we have been able to support the likes of BHP, Viva Energy, UGL, AGL and more as the trusted partner to the energy and construction industries.

  10. Specialist Advice
    Specialist advice comes in many forms, but when your workers can turn to our onsite staff for specialist advice on drop prevention through to specialised Flange Management equipment you know you’re in good hands.

SFI Australia partners collaboratively with key businesses such as Dräger, Klingspor and 3M to ensure supply consolidation.

Ask us how or download our capability statement.