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SFI is a seasoned provider of Onsite Consumable Stores to construction and maintenance projects in oil/gas, power generation, and mining industries

You have the option of pre-purchase or consignment stock models.

  • Pre-purchase, you buy the items up front. Additional top up stock is purchase as required. At the close of the project, any consumables not required and in re-saleable condition are credited at 100% of their cost (excluding any exotic/special purchase items).
  • Consignment stock, SFI provides stock of the agreed list of items. Items are charged out as they’re used. Various invoice frequency options are available to suit the nature of your project.

SFI provides an end-to-end Inventory Control System called Monitor.Monitor

Monitor will track and control the issue of consumables and industrial supplies (and even tools and equipment!) on your project.

  1. It gives you visibility of the trends even down to the workgroup or supervisor. Helping to provide greater control of costs.
  2. It streamlines the restocking process, reducing the need for manual stock takes. Stock usage reports are generated periodically to calculate top-up stock required, which is then shipped to site.

SFI has a full fleet of Container Stores ready for immediate mobilisation to your next project, in any configuration.

  • Various configurations using 10’, 20’ and 40’ containers
  • Long span shelving
  • Serving window
  • Serving counters
  • Battery charging stations (for radios, battery tools etc)
  • Air conditioning/heating

For further details on our Container Store facilities, click here.

Ask about our Hot Shot Delivery Service. Alternatively, if you have your own Onsite Stores facility, we can work in with that to provide a seamless supply experience.

We’re here to make it work for you, whether you’d prefer to run the store with your own storeman or SFI to manage it for you with our experienced storeman.

  • Self-Managed – we’ll provide the training you need to run your Onsite Consumable Store seamlessly, using our Inventory Control System, Monitor.
  • Vendor Supported – we’ll provide additional labour to support your storeman. Options include experienced storeman with mechanical and IT experience to ensure your store runs smoothly.
  • Vendor Managed – we’ll mobilise and operate your Onsite Consumable Store to provide a full turn key package, while you focus on what is most important.
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