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Standard LX Valve Maintenance Trailer-SFI Performax
Standard LX Valve Maintenance Trailer-SFI Performax


Standard LX Valve Maintenance Trailer


The Standard LX Valve Maintenace Trailer combines all the necessary features required for hydro-excavation & valve turning / exercising / maintenance including:


  • Hydraulic Motor - Dual Sensor Torque Control
  • Hydro Blasting System 9.4lpm @ 3000 PSI 350L Water Tank
  • Control Panel
  • Hydraulic Auxilary Power Hose Reel 50’ (15.2m)
  • Arm Position Locks - Hydraulic Controlled
  • Debris Vacuum System
    • 946L Tank
    • 500 CFM Performance
    • Hydraulic Dumping
  • Control & Data Management
  • Safety Light Bar & Spot Lights

Also included are all of the more common accessory features (light bar, job box, auxiliary hydraulic hose reel) on a single axle, structural steel framed trailer. 

      Mounting Method: Trailer Mount
      Operating Weight: 3175kg (7000lbs)
      Dimensions: L 15 ft  x  H 7 ft  x  W 7 1/2 ft
      Weight: 3175kg


      Valve Machine Intelligent Automation
      • Valve Maintenace valve exercisers utilize patented “no assumption” automation technology to safely and effectively turn valves using AWA recommended procedures
      • Protects the operators by keeping 'hands off' the machine while exercising the valve 
      • Protects the valve by not assuming size, direction or current position
      • Allows the machine to follow the path of least resistance 
      • Programming and sensors automatically stop the rotation and reverse in half turn increments to flush calcification from the valve gate
      • Patented automation always exercises valve at the minimum torque required to turn
      • Automation lowers preset threshold once the rotation begins so the impact at the end of valve travel is soft as possible
      TM-7 Exercising System
      • Standard duty, slide style, truck mount valve exerciser utilizing patented intelligent automation to control torque, direction and turns
      • Center turntable bearing mount combined with stainless steel roller/clamp ring provide 100 degrees offreedom and 27” [685 mm] head extension while safely securing exerciser capable of 1,500 Ft-Lb [2033 Nm] torque
      • An 8’ [2.4 m] long valve key with 2” [50 mm] universal socket is also provided
      ERV-750 Exercising System 
      • Articulating arm 
      • Automated valve operator utilizing patented intelligent automation to control torque, direction and turns
      • Twin arms (one telescoping) provide 13’ reach over 270 degrees of freedom
      • Hydraulic disk brakes safely secure exerciser capable of 750’ lbs of torque
      • Constructed of 3” square steel tube and powder coated for long life
      • A light weight, telescoping valve key is also provided
      • Caterpillar/Perkins 29 HP [21.6 KW], liquid cooled, DFI, diesel engine
      • EPA Tier 4i & EU Stage IIIA emission compliant (trailer #77-000-28)
      • Kohler 27 HP [20.1 KW] gasoline, model CH7405 Command Pro27 (trailer #77-000-26)

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