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P2 Handheld Valve Exerciser

E.H. Wachs

P2 Handheld Valve Exerciser

The P-2 offers increased productivity, operator efficiency and valve protection. It’s compact size and light weight make it the perfect tool for hard to reach valves, valve turning/exercising and fast shut downs, delivering controlled power to operate valves 6” (152.4mm) and up.

The P-2 is available in both high speed HS and high torque HT models, in pneumatic, hydraulic, or electric drive. An optional universal handwheel adapter allows the P-2 to operate non-rising stem handwheels.

P-2 Features
• Lightweight, rugged construction
• Easy setup and operation
• Convenient finger tip control
• LCD counter, VITALS compatible
• VITALS offers precise torque control
• Pneumatic, hydraulic or electric


  • Lightweight, yet designed for heavy day to day use.
  • Maximum valve protection with adjustable torque control up to 800 ft./lbs.
Safety Features
  • GFI* (ground fault interrupter) speed control 
  • Torque control
  • Automatic shut-off






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