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MillerMiller Big Blue 700 Duo Air Pack Diesel Welder

Miller Big Blue 700 Duo Air Pack Diesel Welder

The Miller 700 Duo Pro Diesel Welder is a complete multi-process and multi-operator welder/generator.

It delivers two independent pipe welding quality arcs in one package allowing operators to work independently of each other with no arc interaction.

This increases your profits/productivity by empowering you to complete your most demanding jobs in half the time compared to using conventional engine-driven welders. With two arcs in one engine drive, fewer machines are required for a job.

Ideal for use in pipe welding, mechanical contracting, construction and repair applications.

Top Features

  • Power Source Output Range
    • Single weld mode: CC: 40 800 A, CV: 14 40 V
    • Dual weld mode: CC: 20 400 A, CV: 14 40 V
    Generator Power - rated at 104°F (40°C)
    • 32,000 watts peak - 24,000watts continuous (sum of both generators)
    Net Weight
    • 1729 lb (784 kg)
    • Deutz D2011L04i Diesel: 48.6 HP at 1850 RPM EPA Tier 4i Compliant
    • Stick (SMAW)
    • MIG (GMAW)
    • Flux Cored (FCAW)
    • DC TIG (GTAW)
    • Air Carbon Arc (CAC-A) single weld mode - 3/8 in ( 9.5mm) carbons; dual weld mode - 1/4 in (6.4 mm) carbons
    • Heavy Industrial
    • Pipe Welding
    • Mecahnical Contractor
    • Construction
    • Repair



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