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Low Clearance Split Frame (LCSF)-SFI Australia
Low Clearance Split Frame (LCSF)-SFI Australia

Low Clearance Split Frame (LCSF)

The Low Clearance Split Frame (LCSF) is designed for pipe maintenance and construction work and is ideal for use in nuclear and fossil power plants, pipelines, oil platforms, petrochemical plants and refineries, as well as shipbuilding, pharmaceutical, food, beverage and other high purity piping applications.
The Low Clearance Split Frame is designed to split in half to fit over inline pipe or can be slipped closed over open ended pipe. Thirteen standard size machines are available to cut, bevel and counter bore pipe from 2 inch - 48 inch O.D. (DN50-1200) on all schedules and alloys.


Ultimate Guid to Split frame


Modular Construction

Accommodates multiple tool slides and accessories

Interchangeability of Components

Allows accessories & tool slides to mount to multiple ring sizes

Adjustable Bearing System

Distributes load evenly to ensure stability

Precision-Manufactured Tool Slides

Ensures absolute rigidity 



Cutting Tool Surface Speed 60 Surface Feet per Minute

Drive Options

Pneumatic, Hydraulic, or Electric

Air Requirements

65 Cubic Feet per Minute @ 90 PSI or 1.7 Cubic Meters per Minute @ 6.2 BAR

Hydraulic Requirements

8 Gallons per Minute @ 1,500 PSI (31 Liters p er Minute @ 104 BAR minimum) 15 Gallons per Minute @ 2,000 PSI (57 Liters per Minute @ 138 BAR)

Feed Method

Star Wheel

Feed Rate

Fixed @ .0026” per trip


Hard Chrome Plating
US PIPE SIZE 2” to 6” OD

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