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Fastorq AutoSplitter
Fastorq AutoSplitter
Fastorq AutoSplitter-SFI Performax


Fastorq AutoSplitter

The FasTorq AutoSplitter is a hydraulic nut splitters that allows you to cut through the largest frozen nuts in just seconds, with virtually no risk of injury or accident.

Where a job used to take 20-30 minutes with a hammer and chisel, the Hydraulic Nut Splitter can perform the same job in 20-30 seconds, with significant improvement to operator safety.

There are no hammers, no impact and no flames involves, therefore no risk in volatile environments.

By simply slipping the AutoSplitter head over the nut and applying hydraulic pressure, the Hydraulic Nut Splitter will safely and quickly remove the nut. Its precision chisel only cuts the nut and will perform dozens of cuts before it needs sharpening. 

Ideal for nuclear, petrochemical, wind, offshore, manufacturing, subsea and mining industries.

Models available include Standard Nut Splitter, Angle Head Nut Splitter and the Double Cut Nut Splitter.




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