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Compact LX Valve Maintenance Trailer-SFI Australia

Compact LX Valve Maintenance Trailer

The Compact LX Valve Maintenace Trailer (VMT) combines all the features necessary for valve exercising maintenance in a conventient compact package. All features are mounted on a single axle, structural steel framed trailer and include:

  • Light Bar
  • Auxiliary Hydraulic Hose Reel
  • Bluetooth Tether - Wireless control of your valve exercising machines via bluetooth connection
  • Hydraulic Hose Reel - 15.2m spring rewind hose reel for auxiliary hydraulic power with quick disconnects
  • Storage Tray - Heavy duty, expanded metal storage tray
Mounting Method Trailer Mount

Operating Weight

1043 kg

Shipping Dimensions  L 10 ft  x  H 6 ft  x  W 5 1/2 ft
Shipping Weight  1043 kg




Briggs & Stratton 16 horsepower gasoline, model 305447 Vanguard 16 HP V-Twin H/S

Service Lighting

Programmable arrow safety light bar includes eight function control box with six individual segments and two mounted halogen swivelling work lights


Articulating arm, automated valve operator utilising patented intelligent automation to control torque, direction and turns. Twin arms (one telescoping) provide 13’ reach over 270 degrees of freedom while hydraulic disk brakes safely secure exerciser capable of 750’ lbs of torque. Constructed of 3” square steel tube and powder coated for long life. A light weight, telescoping valve key is also provided. A light weight, telescoping valve key is also provided.

Valve Machine Intelligent Automation

VMT utilises patented 'no assumption' automation technology to safely and effectively turn valves using AWWA recommended procedures. This technology protects the operators by keeping 'hands off' the machine while exercising the valve and protects the valve by not assuming size, direction, or current position. Allowing the machine to follow the path of least resistance, the programming and sensors automatically stop the rotation and reverse in half turn increments as to flush calcification from the valve gate. This patented automation always exercises valves at the minimum torque required to turn, then automatically lowers preset threshold once rotation begins so impact at end of valve is soft as possible. 


Ruggedised PDA style handheld controller to operate and collect data for either arm (ERV-750) or slide (TM-6 upgraded & TM-7) style valve exercisers. Rugged handheld controller with built in GPS features a bright touch screen that is water resistant and meets military specifications. Available as a GPS upgrade kit 79-412-01 Pro 6T (Submeter) or 79-412-02 Pro 6H (Decimetre).

Data Management

Fully compatible with either VITALS or infraMap software packages which enable full data logging and synchronisation between the handheld and your desktop GIS. Allows importing of existing data labels and categories with user defined fields.


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