Monitor is one seamless system that will control your inventory and track your tools and equipment. It uses a very simple, streamlined and user friendly interface.
Monitor Inventory Tracking System





Consumables Inventory Control

Monitor will effortlessly record the usage of consumables on your project. It is chosen by many project managers for 2 reasons: 

1. It can be used to effectively drive down the consumption of consumables to a legitimate level, through increased awareness.

2. It can be used to effortlessly control your stock levels. Min/max stock levels can be set. With periodical reporting your store can be restocked automatically.


Tools & Equipment Tracking

Monitor is designed to track your tools and equipment, whether they’re owned or hired or both! It provides the visibility you and your storeman need on:

- Who last took a particular item

- Damaged items

- Lost items

- Repairs and their status 



Monitor boasts an excellent suite of reports that will provide the visibility you and your storeman need, including:

- Tools out of store, per trade

- Tools out of store, per supervisor

- Tools out of store, by age

- Tools tagged out

- Tools in for repair



- Single or double kiosk screens

- Bluetooth scanners

- Ultra high speed, long range 1D and 2D compatible PDA scanners

- Label printers

- Battery Backup to ensure constant power supply to the system

- All other supporting hardware and cabling



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