Site Entry Hub

Site Entry Hub

Fully modular & entirely autonomous site entry system

Build a site entry system to suit your site/office entry points using our modular and entirely autonomous Site Entry Hub. Yes, you read it right – no need to put your staff at risk to man/monitor this entry point. Select from list of features, and mobilise multiple units to create lanes for high volumes of personnel.

Decontamination Unit

Efficient cleaning & sanitising of tools & equipment

Drastically reduce the risk of community transmission via common touchpoints on share tools and breathing apparatus by using the Decontamination Unit. Includes industrial wash, sanitiser dip bath and drying rack. Also includes UV-C 6500 Cabinet for the sanitising of moisture sensitive items.

decontamination unit
safety hub

Safety Hub

The ideal workstation for any crew

Build orderliness and clean habits into your culture by providing every work crew/supervisor with a Safety Hub. They’re decked out with everything he needs, including storage for PPE & tools, hanging spot for work permits, battery charging station, workbench, hand & tool sanitiser.

Disinfectant Fogger

Backpack mounted disinfectant fogger

This Orbimax Disinfectant Fogger is ideal for sanitising surfaces in bathrooms, board rooms, site offices, crib huts and work areas. Comes with the Orbimax Sanitiser Fluid:

  • Tested & proven to kill Covid-19 in 30 seconds
  • TGA approved
  • 100% natural ingredients, no alcohol or other chemicals

Disinfectant Fogger

PPE & Consumable Supply

Everything you need in personal protection equipment!

SFI has been supplying quality and compliant PPE & consumables to industry since 1987, and we’re continuing to support you amid a crises - with stock and fair prices.

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