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Company history

Read about SFI Australia’s history and achievements since 1958.

  • 1958

    Amcast foundry

    Amcast foundry started in Beaufort, a small town some 100 miles west of Melbourne

  • 1962

    Amcast Foundry shifts to Canadian.

  • 1967

    Amcast is recognised as a major supplier of high quality cast iron water pipe fittings.

  • 1970’s

    First contracts to Sydney Water supplying cast Elbows and Tee fittings. Image shows worker lining pipe with concrete

  • 1976

    Amcast sold to Tubemakers®

  • 1988

    Amcast foundry

    Australia’s first green sand foundry to receive a Standards Association of Australia (SAA) quality assurance accreditation.

  • 1994

    GF Saws

    Acquired the GF pipe saw agency for Victoria

  • 1996


    Tubemakers® sold to BHP

  • 1996

    SFI has given the Australian agency for the GF (Orbitalum) Pipe saws and bevellers

  • 2000

    Pipe stands

    SFI produces their own Pipe Stands – Tri-Stands, with unique folding leg design.

  • 2012

    New Era

    SFI business registered as a separate trading name. They build a new premises.n

  • 2012

    Cutting Blocks

    SFI produces the Pro Series Cutting Blocks

  • 2014


    SFI sets up a branch in Toowoomba.

  • 2014


    SFI sets up a branch in Darwin.

  • 2014


    Valvemax, a division of SFI that covers valve maintenance and flushing products is launched.

  • 2015


    Performax, the hire division of SFI is launched.

  • 2016


    SFI acquires the Stanley agency for Australia. SFI sets up another division called Civilmax to cover this range.

  • 2017


    SFI produces the V-Turn, a handheld ratcheting valve turner.

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