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Releasing… Battery Powered Welder!

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 battery welder

We believe in continuously investing in quality and more innovative equipment for our fleet. This week we’re launching the release of a 160amp stick/tig welder that can be run off a battery pack! That’s only the beginning, this German made Cell Arc 1600 is renowned for it’s smooth, consistent arc, making it a delight to use.

The Cell Arc 1600

  • Can be run off a generator as small as 3.3kva
  • Can be run off standard 240v
  • Can be run off it’s stand-alone, clip on battery pack
  • Weighs only 14kg’s combined
  • Protected against falls from 80cm 

This compact little battery caddy welder will burn up to 28 x 2.5mm sticks per battery (42 mins blue time on Tig @ about 110 amps).* 

*Tested in controled circumstances.


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