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More Big Beasts Added to the Fleet!

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More big beasts added to the fleet!

 Sullair 900XHH/1150XH

Last week SFI took delivery of 2 more new Sullair 900XHH/1150XH after cooled Compressors for the hire fleet

Sullair High Pressure Tier 3 Rotary Screw Portable Air Compressors deliver 900 to 1150 CFM at 150 to 500 PSI or 25.5 to 32.5 m3/min at 25 to 34.5 bar.
One unit is dual performance, capable of performing at medium and high pressure (350psi – 500psi). The second is triple performance, performing at low, medium and high pressures (150psi to 500psi).

Both these machines are currently available for hire or hire purchase. If you have been wanting to know where to hire high pressure specialised compressors for commissioning applications, SFI can help.


  • 900/1150 cfm (25.5/32.5 m3/min,
  • 500/350/150 psi and 500/350psi
  • Available delivery options: tri-axle or skid mount
  • Available engine: C-15 ATAAC 540 hp (403 kW)
  • Available standard with After Cooling

Compressor Features

  • Rotary screw compressor
  • 0 to 100% capacity control
  • Electronic engine control
  • Dual capacity/dual pressure
  • Weatherproof instrument panel
  • Protective shutdown switches
  • Two-Stage air filters with safety element
  • AWF™ Compressor Fluid
  • Lockable instrument panel
  • Fitted with after cool
  • Pneumatic inlet valve

Unit Features

  • Mechanical parking brake
  • E-Z lube axle
  • Leaf spring suspension
  • Ample service doors
  • Containment frame
  • Tail lights
  • Mounted on Tri axel trailer
  • Enclosure made of durable powder coated Galvanneal sheet metal

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